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Doug Bowden


Doug Bowden started his career in the electronics industry, working in a successful family-run business, which he purchased with his brother and ran for nearly 20 years. This tech company's success was based on signal processing and monitoring—providing hardware and software for broadcasters during the high-definition revolution. Bowden sold his business in 2009.

Bowden and his son started Viridis Group in 2013, a real estate company centered on buying and remodeling luxury condos in Colorado and Arizona. Through this venture they gained experience in real estate acquisition, design, project and construction management, leasing, finance and sales. With a focus on people, the planet and profits – in that order—Viridis Group has recently adopted the name Bowden Investment Group to reflect the passion for the family business. As such, Bowden brings extensive experience with multi-tier investment strategies in real estate, software, and sustainable investments. Bowden studied business at the University of South Dakota.

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